What is value? I mean who decides what something is worth? To one person something might be a bargain, to another it might be too expensive. Continue reading


Efficiency: how to be simple and effective

Everyone has heard of life coaches. Maybe even consultants. These are great fields and very helpful professionals. They help you gain insight and achieve growth both professionally and personally.

I’m different. My upcoming book and coaching services not only will provide exclusive customer satisfaction but also an extraordinary resourceful concept: efficiency. Continue reading

Racism: the perceived threat to humanity and other political ramblings

Racism is a fear of someone who looks different than you because you perceive a threat. Affirmative action scares white people because they feel a threat at job security. Slavery scares black people because they feel a threat to their freedom and safety. For all you racists out there, do you even know your own race and ¬†heritage? What about mine? Why does it even matter? If you’re proud of who you are and your heritage, great. You can’t change or control the skin color and culture you were born with last I checked. If you’re like me and don’t care, don’t get offended by those who do care. For those of you who do care about your heritage, don’t get offended by those who don’t care.¬† Continue reading